OUS Faculty

Faculty and Administration.


Mrs. Waugh, Principal
Middle School & High School Teacher

Mrs. Waugh came to OUS in the fall of 2013 and was appointed the principal in October 2016. She is a “teaching principal” and spends the day in the classroom with her students. Mrs. Waugh always planned on being a teacher but filled more than a decade as a professional nanny. Her love for her ‘kids’ translates into a positive, happy classroom where “I don’t know” is never allowed and no question about learning is off limits. She believes most every occasion can be a teachable moment!

Favorite Subject to Teach: History & Bible!  (although I do love Grammar…)

Favorite Thing about Teaching: “The greatest part of being in a classroom is when a student says “Oh yea….you taught us about that, last year!”. Given all the hours spent preparing lesson plans, projects, subject review and lecture, you just want to know that your students took something away from your effort. The affirmation of that fact is an incredibly rewarding moment for me”.

Random Fun Fact: My great-great aunt, Ruby Daniel, was a teacher at Old Union School in the 1930’s. My grandmother attended OUS during those years, too.

Mrs. Glass
Elementary Grammar, Math Teacher Extraordinaire

Mrs. Glass started teaching at OUS before she ever graduated from WKU and has really honed her skills over the last twenty years. During that time, Mrs. Glass has taught most all subjects and grades, but “Mrs G” (which she is lovingly referred by students) is now our math whiz and the resident Senora Spanish! She is a fan of hands-on teaching and utilizes manipulatives and activities, when possible. She becomes Mrs. Waugh’s right hand during the summer working to make class schedules, assisting in curriculum review, and helping place book orders.

Favorite Subject: MATH!

Best Teacher Moment: When a student has been struggling and starts to grasp a concept, it is wonderful when you see the ‘I got it’ moment! That lightbulb moment is the greatest.

Random Fun Fact: Mrs. G is a craft enthusiast who loves to crochet, sew, and monogram. All her fellow teachers love receiving handmade gifts!

Mrs. Snoddy
Early Elementary Grades

Mrs Snoddy began teaching at OUS in the fall of 2016. Her versatility is an asset to the school. Through the years, she has managed a variety of grades and subjects. She is the lower grades social studies buff and loves teaching the Presidents of the United States. Being brilliantly punctual, she is our resident early bird who opens the school each morning. Mrs. Snoddy is also a proud military mama; she has a Marine son and a Navy son! Mrs. Snoddy’s husband, Brother Jay, is a frequent guest for Friday morning chapel.

Favorite Subject: History

Best thing about teaching: I get excited when I learn something new.

Random Fun Fact: When working my first job, I met George Jones.

Mrs. Hardin
Early Elementary Grades

Mrs. Hardin started teaching several years ago, but her knowledge of OUS spans for years. Her sister was one of the original students when OUS reorganized in 1996. Mrs. Hardin has an infectious laugh and uses her excitement for teaching to make sure her students have a great learning environment. She calls her class her ‘littles’ and is an absolute ray of sunshine. We are thrilled she is part of our teaching team.

Favorite Subject: “Since beginning at OUS, I have loved teaching Bible. I grew up in church and have been taught so many things. Yet, while preparing lessons for my Bible classes, I have been able to understand more in-depth concepts about various Bible stories.”

Something Mrs Hardin enjoys about teaching: “I love teaching phonics and watching little faces light up as they learn to read!”

Random Fact:  “I wanted to be a KSP Trooper. I had the opportunity to be a class member of the 1st KSP Citizen’s Police Academy. I got to go on a high-speed chase and it was thrilling!”

Mrs. Howe
Elementary Grades & Art Whiz!

In the fall of 2019, Mrs. Howe joined OUS as a part-time preschool teacher. From the beginning she demonstrated preparation and dedication that was outstanding, and she quickly became known for her fabulous art projects to compliment every lesson! She was such a brilliant addition to the teaching staff, OUS jumped at the chance to make Mrs. Howe a full-time teacher. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and she thinks outside the box to keep students interested in classroom material.

Favorite Subject to Teach: Science (the most interesting and challenging) and Spelling! You should see the Spinning Prize Wheel!

What has Mrs. Howe learned about herself since she started teaching? “I’ve learned that I am capable of engaging and inspiring a child to learn by being creative, fun and active. By staying positive and enthusiastic, I can make them feel comfortable and stay motivated to learn. I have found teaching to be so emotionally rewarding!”

Random Fact: Mrs. Howe is a HUGE animal enthusiast! She and her family have rescued many furry creatures!

Mrs. Cline
Grammar & Language

Mrs. Garner


Alec Waugh

Alec Waugh, a graduate of the Georgia Institute of Technology, works at UBS. He was elected to the Old Union School Board by Old Union Church in 2011. He is a member at Old Union Missionary Baptist Church and licensed preacher. He is also a happy OUS parent!

Micah Murphy

Micah Murphy is a Georgia native, a master electrician and co-owner of Allen & Murphy Electric. Micah is a deacon at Old Union Missionary Baptist Church where he attends with his family. His children are students at OUS.

John Russell

John Russell, a Franklin native and WKU graduate, developed a love for photojournalism early and is now the official photographer for both Vanderbilt University and the Nashville Predators. John is a deacon at Old Union Missionary Baptist church and attends services with his family.

Mr. David Carter
OUS Treasurer

David Carter, a graduate of WKU with a B.S. in Computer Information Systems, works at SCA Americas. David manages all aspects of tuition and payroll for OUS. He has been a member of Old Union Missionary Baptist Church since 2003.