Old Union School Handbook


OUS 2021-22 School Handbook (pdf)

School Apparel Code for Old Union School
1. Acceptable dress includes appropriate combinations of the following items:
a. Shirts, jumpers, or dresses with necklines reaching no lower than one hand-width from the base of the neck.
b. Pants must have no excessive “distress” (holes, tears) or ornamentation (beads, studs).

No clothing worn at school may display words except in the following:
• Shirts printed at Old Union School, for an Old Union School event, or by an organization hosting an event in which an Old Union School
student group has participated. Pants, cropped pants, skirts, jumpers, or shorts that are brushing the knee, or longer, in length.
• Clothing with logos (brand, company, organizational, or educational institution) or monogram initials is allowed. Logos should be smaller than 3” x 5”. Any logos not in keeping with Christian principles is not allowed.

2. Exceptions to the above dress include:
a. Religious services: Chapel (Fridays) and other church services. On these days, students will wear non-denim pants, cropped pants, shorts, or skirts in an OUS school color, tan, or black. Young ladies are encouraged to wear dresses or skirts in keeping with the tradition of Old Union Church.
b. Field trips. On these days, for safety purposes, students will wear a light-blue shirt printed by Old Union School. Old Union School will provide one shirt to each student at the beginning of the school year. If this shirt becomes unsuitable for wear before the end of the year, another shirt may be purchased from Old Union School.

3. Girls must wear shorts, bloomers, tights or leggings under dresses and skirts.

4. Hair is to be kept clean and neatly groomed. Extremes in styling are to be avoided. Young men are to have their hair neatly trimmed and off the collar of a normal dress shirt, and to be clean-shaven.

5. The following are examples of inappropriate appearance:

a. Extreme hair style or color
b. Extremely tight- or loose-fitting or improperly-worn clothing
c. Any clothing or accessories not in keeping with Christian principles
d. Any clothing or accessories that disrupt the educational process
e. Hats or sunglasses worn in the building
f. Elastic, tight-fitting athletic wear
g. Mini-skirts or short-shorts of the same length
h. Midriff-baring shirts, backless shirts, sundresses, etc.
i. Earrings for young men, or excessive or inappropriate piercings for any student
j. Logo promoting illegal drug use

Nothing may be worn which promotes or advertises drugs, questionable music, or anything that may be offensive. The faculty and administration determine the propriety of a student’s appearance and may require parents to bring a change of clothes, or to take a student home to change clothes. Notes will be sent home for any other violations not corrected immediately; the note must be returned the following school day with a parent’s signature.